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Wind Bracing
The City of Smithville implemented specific wind bracing inspections in 2009 in response to several local examples of building damage due to "straight line" wind storms.  The wind bracing requirements already existed in our codes, but there was not a specific inspection that verified these requirements were being met in all aspects.  Many of the features of wind bracing are covered during normal construction and are not visible when the rough-in inspection occurs.  While there were significant cost concerns, specifically, whether or not these building inspections and the wind bracing requirements were even going to be effective.  Even though the engineering on the various bracing methods was conducted, checked, and re-checked nationally, there were no specific testing facilities to test methods and materials for wind bracing.  In 2009, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety constructed a testing facility for the specific purpose of testing wind and other environmental forces on building construction. 

This video shows that our efforts were not in vain.  The house on the left in the video was constructed using common building practices, the one on the right using Fortified building construction methods on all structural elements.  Please contact us for more resources on how you can retrofit your home to help protect your home from wind damage.
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